Wake up Wednesday

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We have made it! We have made it to the wonderful Wednesday. I always look forward to  a Wednesday as it is half way through the week (Monday- Friday that is) and I can count down the days for the weekend! This week I must admit has been rather slow and sluggish with the poor weather and long working days, so on days like this with the treacherous rain, all i want to do is wind down with a perfect cup of tea and get hooked with my current addiction of a TV series. I have been recently loving The Affair however I have just finished both series and i feel lost! But, Geordie shore catch up was there to revive me.

Despite the gloomy days of this week, I do have a few things to look forward to! Including a long awaited shopping trip with my mum, and then on Sunday I am going to the Foodies Festival! I have ventured to one before alas I am very very excited to go and write a food galore blog about it! Result!

My skincare routine
Winding down on a Wednesday evening is one of my highlights of the week, as previously mentioned. To achieve this I opt for a long soak in the bath or a steamy shower with my favourite skin care products. I am currently loving the Soap and Glory vitamin C face wash as I feel it just works beautifully with my combination skin and leaves it feeling refreshed. If i want to treat myself even further I'll reach out for a face mask. I know people usually tend to pamper theirselves on a Sunday at the end of the week, I personally feel a Wednesday works better for me as its an evening for chilling out.

So, with a cup of tea in hand and finding peace in writing away for my blog, I wish you all a happy Wednesday!


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