A rather delayed life update

After neglecting my blog once again for over six months, I'd thought I would do a little life update and try to condone my laziness. So, what's new? Well, I've finally started University after what seems like the longest gap year of my entire life. As much I highly recommend taking a gap year to work, volunteer, travel or generally join the cliche of 'finding yourself, the last few months towards my start date I spent nervously twiddling my thumbs, dying to leap back into studying again. There was only
so much of retail I could take.
So September 2016 arrived and I was thrown into the whirl wind of anxiety, excitement and the total terror of shitting my pants. Being a commuter I missed out on freshers week, giving me the disadvantage of not meeting a single person on my course. However this anxiety was soon brushed over in a matter of hours as it turn out everyone really is in the same boat as you and people are just as eager to make friends as you are.

And thats that, semester one, done, semester two, one week to go and thats first year over and done with. I have met some amazing people in these 24 weeks and would never look back. Although, no one really prepares you for the work load you are set in for when joining university. I have never owned so many text books in my life with nearly every page probably stained with tears and sweat. Every essay I have exchanged my soul for has made me question my mental ability and if there was an error in the system when accepting my UCAS application. Some good assignments, some bad assignments, but that what first year is all about. You aren't going to get perfect grades all the time. Yes, you may want to cry and rip your hair out during sleepless nights and most probably gain a stone. But thats okay. It's okay if you sob over the amount of deadlines you have and cheer yourself up by binge watching Netflix. It's okay if you eat a whole tub of ice cream or make continuous trips back to the pack of jaffa cakes in the cupboard. It's okay if you get 40% in one assignment or even fail an assignment. Those one or two fuck ups are not going to determine the rest of your career.

And if people even DARE bring up the fact that you are only in first year and that: 'you shouldn't be stressed' or 'first year is nothing compared to second or third year, you have it easy' then it is perfectly acceptable to fantasise about throat punching them and telling them they know nothing, because that is so not the case. Yes, your first year may not count towards your final grade but that does not mean you are not allowed to be stressed about drowning in deadlines. Especially with an English Language degree, who knew there was so much depth to the English Language??
However do not let this scare you off if you are considering uni, as despite the emotional ups and downs and near attempts of dropping out and becoming a shop assistant for life, going to university has been one of the best decisions I've made. And who else can say they know the phonetic alphabet (NOT the NATO phonetic alphabet) whilst considering the semantic meaning of what someone is really saying?

With that, I am SO ready for the Easter holidays, to then be followed by the rest of 2017 with some of the best occasions coming up including Amsterdam and turning the big 2-1. Despite drowning in deadlines myself at the moment whilst plastering a plastic smile on my face, I'd say life is pretty good at the moment.🌻


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