Foodies Festival

Sun, music and food, hearing those three words and you know you are in for a beautiful day! After hearing so many exciting things about food festivals I knew I had to take a plunge and jump on the band wagon and thank God I did! It was everything you could ask for and more, the cheery atmosphere as you pass happy families and couples, you fit right in. Foodies Festival is a chained food festival that travels through the UK with top chefs sharing their g
reatest tips and skills followed with many food stalls, trailers, and camper vans! The displays were fantastic, ranging from vintage mini coopers scorching up kebabs in their front bonnet to sushi being sold in tin camper vans, the setting was perfect.

And let me talk to you about the smell of the festival, oh my goodness. Strolling around the festival you were introduced to classic English sausages being grilled on a firy stove, followed by the Jamaican essence of reggae BBQ chicken, to being lifted into the cloud of sweet heaven of cake galore. My nostrils were truly satisfied! You would of thought you wouldn't be stuck for choices on
what to have for lunch but oh how I was wrong, the choices were ongoing! They were all too mouthwatering to narrow down to one and my bank account would certainly disagree if I had more than one! But not all was lost, as free samples were on every corner, there was hope! I was S-T-U-F-F-E-D.

Lets not forget that what sunny day would go down without a perfect alcoholic drink, you were spoiled for choice. There were cocktails upon cocktails, a prosecco bar if you were feeling adventurous, a rum pirate ship, thats right an actual ship dedicated to serving us alcohol starved customers, and, drum roll please.... a pimms tent! Though it was definitely a drink split between two situation as the prices were tear worthy. But I was not disappointed as the Pimms was full of summer and all things fruity and wonderful.

Its time for dessert and to step into a dream of sugar, sweetness and to push away the nightmare of my growing muffin top... haha. My first sugary sight included the chocolatey goodness of pancakes, churros and crepes, overloaded with my oldest friend, Nutella. The second sighting involves the summer desire of strawberries and cream, exactly what you need to lounge in the sun with your glass of pimms! One of my favourites was most definitely the cake and cookie stalls, my eyes broadened to the size of my stomach and my mouth formed the size of an O, they were all gorgeous. No regrets when giving in to the devil on my shoulder and indulging in a banana and chocolate cake, there was actual drool departing my mouth! And last but not least, the frozen delights! With the

unique choices of liquid nitrogen ice cream or the chefs forming the ice cream right before your eyes with a flavour of your choice!

All in all, what could be better than food traditions from around the world coming together hand in hand to offer you the delights of their culture, satisfied is to say the least! Walking away with a food baby and ready to enter a food coma during the car journey back, this Sunday was a Sunday well spent, with my favourite things in life a.k.a food, alcohol, sunny weather and the company of Harry, I left with a smile on my face!

Until next time!


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