Gap Year Worries

University, the biggest step in the majority of young adults in this day in age, do I go? Don't I go? The hardest question to tackle for my 18 year old self. Of course university is an option for many many career paths in life, it can lead to a future, to goals, a completed dream, but it wouldn't be an easy journey. I chose to go to university as my love for English was inevitable since I was young. Reading and writing has always been a strong point for me, going from being curled up with my nose in a book as a child, to scribbling away in a tatty notebook carried away with an adventurous tale, or documenting the exciting life of my life as a crazy 8 year old. English has always been a desire of mine.

However, the thought of University terrified me, my anxiety was through the roof as I was riddled with the worries of unease for career options, the unknown of new faces, and of course, university is on a slightly larger scale compared to school and college, eek! But, distress aside, I took the plunge and applied to university because as lame as it sounds, I do enjoy the flurry of education and the excitement of an advanced future.

To reassure myself and to be the cliché of "finding myself", I deferred my application and decided to take a gap year, as lets be honest I was not entirely ready to go to university just yet. So, I organised with my part time job in Waitrose to have full time hours for the length of my gap year.
8 months down the line and I have now hit a wall, a full time supermarket job is not for me, I am most definitely ready for uni now. I have enjoyed working and getting into a comfortable routine of working set hours a week and having real money in my account that will last me for the entire month, shock horror! But these next 4 months can't come quick enough, I have spent my time moping about what to do with my life and what career path I want to take, but I have thought long and hard and I am jubilant about the unknown. This gap year has definitely been an eye opener for me and made me realise that applying for uni was of considerably one of the biggest decision to make, but my 19 year old self has realised it was the right thing to do and it cannot come quick enough!

Writing this blog has kept me motivated to stick to my contentment for English and although I am enjoying my year out from education, I am eager to start fresh and enter a new chapter in my life.

Heres to the unknown.


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