A Happier Me

A few years back the thought of exercise made my nose scrunch up and any conversation referring to a sport related context and my ears would listen else where. However the thought of a healthy body was a huge desire of mine as having a lack of body confidence and low self esteem in general haunted me for many years. I always wished that I had a passion for sport or at least have an exercise based hobby but I hate to admit that my commitment to majority of past hobbies was an ultimate fail and pushed to the back my mind. I knew I had to get off my bum and do something as looking at most photos of myself made me cringe, I wasn't exactly overweight or podgy to say the least, I just wasn't happy with how I looked and you know what human beings are like, you will always meet one person in your life that has to say the most irrelevant comments to you, for example, "oh those shorts aren't very flattering" or "you aren't the slimmest of people". Just because you have said the words "no offence" before you are about to say your simple minded comments, doesn't mean your insult doesn't affect someone any less. If I wanted an honest opinion on how I looked I would of asked.

With the irrelevant comments pushed aside I focused on what is right for myself, which was to tone up and become a healthier and fitter version of myself and to do that I put myself out there and joined my local gym. I had heard many great things about this gym as you are lucky enough to be given the option to do your own independent work out or sign up to be part of a gym group, where you book yourself in certain times of the day to be part of a group where an instructor holds this and gives you exercises to do for the whole session! This worked perfect with me as if I was only given the option for an independent work out I would be clueless and staring at the equipment with a dumbstruck look on my face!

Within weeks I finally noticed some results with myself and my body! Obviously I didn't step out of the gym with the perfect beach body, I mean, will that ever happen??? However I did find myself becoming less out of breath after running up a flight of stairs and that was a good enough start to me!
Soon enough months went by, then a year went by, and the jiggly bits were gradually transforming into muscle and the bingo wings were slowly flying away! Of course this doesn't happen overnight and I was still struggling to look in the mirror and feel happy with my appearance or put a pair of shorts without having the devil on my shoulder telling me I had tree trunks for legs, but I fought through the pain and the strenuous work outs in order to make myself happy!

Soon enough 2 years have gone down the line now since introducing a healthier regime into my lifestyle, I have now met my body confidence. I no longer look in the mirror and turn my nose in disgust and quickly glance away, I can now look with a smile on my face and see results. I will never have the slimmest bodies but I am 100% okay with that, I have come to the realisation that I like my body.

No crazy diets or excessive amount of exercise was needed, just a slight change to my weekly routine and eating less sugary, fatty foods (80% of the time) lead to a slow but steady change in my life. I love going to the gym, I look forward to my workouts as the instructors are so motivational as well as being the friendliest of people! The work outs are different every time making it more lively. Although its not all fun and games as even though the results are amazing, the work outs kick my bum every time, walking away with jelly legs, aching glutes and and a burn in my hamstrings, biceps, triceps, abs and whatever other muscle you can name! Not that I'm complaining though...

It doesn't end there as I still have some bullet points to tick off my list, including to remember to drink more water as this has alwaaaays been struggle which I know is smack on the hands, bad thing to forget but one day I will tackle this! For now though, I am happy and thats all that matters really, body confidence is a huge issue in todays day and age which needs to have a greater awareness as media and other peoples comments really do have a huge impact in someones life. This might not be everyones cup of tea for a lifestyle change, but if you do what makes you happy then who really gives a crap what anyone else thinks.


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