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Ah yes, it is the inevitable 'I have once again neglected my once loved blog, and I have returned to update you on my life from 2017'. However, this statement will not live up to it's expectations completely, as I will ramble on about how 2017 went for myself, but I will also tell all about why I have returned to my blog.

So, as promised, 2017 was *cliche saying alert* a pretty blooming good one. I was lucky enough to travel around to the wonders of Amsterdam, Salcombe, the not so far Dorset, and go to my very first FULL WEEKEND FESTIVAL. And I'm going to be very generic when saying that 2017 has honestly been one of the best years of my life. After a hard goi
ng 2016 by finishing my gap year, to starting university, it was a relief to know that 2017 had welcomed me with open arms. Starting uni was an eye opener, by realising just how bloody difficult doing a degree actually is. I battled my first semester with confidence-knocking grades and plenty of tears from the ne…

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