Rome, Day One -- Scalinata di Trinità dei Monti & Fontana di Trevi

When people say they have visited one of their most favourite countries in the world, I always thought they were slightly exaggerating as there are so many beautiful wonders in the world. However after spending just 2 hours off the plane from London to Rome, I fell completely in love. The sights, the people and the gorgeous weather, I was definitely far from home and far from disappointment. With Vespers whizzing round the city left right and centre, the smell of the beloved traditional pizza firing up in the ovens and the sun shining proudly high in the sky scorching up a heat of over 30 degrees celsius, Rome was my home from the weekend. The admirable sights in the depth of Rome were ready to be explored, it was a weekend of paradise.

Day One
Our hotel was a small 4* hotel on the outskirts of Rome, a 40 minute walk from the Fontana De Trevi and the Spanish Steps, our first adventure. The Trevi Fountain, designed by Nicola Salvi and completed by Pietro Bracci, is astonishing, placed in the heart of the town centre with hundreds of tourists and locals keeping the heavens of water alive, it is a magnificent monument with grand architecture. The fountain could still be heard even after venturing down the lanes surrounding the fountain, filled with many many souvenir shops for all your memorabilia to take home with you. Unfortunately due to the amount of people who shared the same interests of getting a view of the fountain, we couldn't follow the tradition of throwing a coin into the water, however the thought is what matters! But the most grand gesture of the Trevi Fountain was how it glowed so beautifully at dusk, as the sun goes down the fountain still manages to light up the heart of Trevi.
Before our next travels, we decided to have a pit stop, and what lunch stop goes amiss without the first pizza to start off the weekend. There is no better pizza than an Italian pizza, the taste liners in your mouth and wafts through your nostrils for days! And of course the first of many glasses of wine!

Next stop was the Spanish steps, much to our dismay they were refurbishing the monument so we couldn't sit on the steps to get the full experience, however the sights made up for this as they were breathtaking. The church Trinita dei Monti stands proudly above the steps, with the sole purpose of the Spanish steps being to link the Bourbon Spanish Embassy and the church. The steps outlooked onto the stretch of designer shops such as Gucci and Chanel with all their extravagant and extraordinary clothing, definitely for the wealthier shoppers as if you wanted to look inside you had to make an appointment! So we stuck to the window shopping...
Now, lets talk about the ice cream, once you have a taste of the Italian delicacy you never go back. Stepping into the gelato parlour was as if stepping into an ecstasy of ice cream galore, all the flavours you could dream of was available to you, and of course, seeing the kinder bueno flavour there was absolutely no hesitation. I ran for it, saliva may've been leaving my mouth and there were no regrets, Kinder Bueno gelato is a dream.
Day one had been conquered, with a gradual sun kissed tan and a flurried mind from the sun and many glasses of wine, I was certainly ready for bed. However a wine set mind certainly made the walk home from our evening hike to find ice cream a whole lot easier. Rome, you have out done yourself.

Until next time, for day two x


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