A Weekend of Contentment

You know what they say, a weekend well spent brings a week of content, and this is the motto that I'm praying will get me through the week until my well deserved weekend away to Rome!! (with exciting blog posts to follow of course).

Saturday was dare say a nerve wracking one, as I took on the challenge to get to know the routes of Winchester. Seeing as I start university next month (gulp), it seems like a smart idea to figure out where the top parking places are and getting to grips with the city. However with driving not being a confident area in my life, Saturday morning I woke with a whole lot of butterflies in my stomach and not the good kind. But of course, I was bigging it up, the drive was definitely not as bad as I thought. I'm lucky to live close enough to Winchester to not drive on a dreaded motorway, but less complicated dual carriageways instead and many many roundabouts. Sadly I don't have the calm and confident driving gene and any journey that is over 40 minutes and involves complicated routes makes my heart thump out of its chest, damn anxiety.

With the nerves and jitters out of the way and a sigh of relief to the knowledge that journey is in fact a simple and sweet drive, I could finally start to relax and enjoy the weekend. I absolutely adore
Winchester as well with its dainty independent shops and preppy clothing stores, I feel content in the area. My favourite part of Winchester is the archaic high street that follows around like a maze, with timeworn architecture left right and centre and the famous cathedral standing proud in the distance. Abbey Gardens is another all time beloved hideaway, perfect on a summers day to sit down with friends or just on your own, take some food and watch the sights pass by. So with a treat of Pizza Express, a lot, lot, lottttt of walking trying to discover whereabouts the uni is located to then trying to find our way back to the car, we left feeling exhausted (this time in a good way!) And what Saturday is complete without a relaxed evening in the garden watching the sun go down. We even had time to play with our new toy, a wubble bubble, designed for children but definitely equally hilarious for adults. A victorious day.

Sunday was slightly on a different scale as we took it upon us to try something different and go oxygen free jumping, an indoor trampolining site for all ages. Trampolines were left right and centre, with a giant air bag at the bottom of the arena for anyone who dares to launch themselves into the unknown. And let me tell you, flinging yourself from trampoline to trampoline is exhausting! 20 minutes in and I was dragging a very painful stitch around with me. However our trampolining days were soon to be short lived as Harry discovered a large rip on his derriere, lets just say we scurried out of there crying with laughter! Note to self, jeans are a big no when it comes to trampolining!!

So, a weekend full of nerves, contentment and laughter, is indeed the definition of a perfect weekend and I am now hoping that I have a bearable week to follow ready for my next adventure.

Until next time x


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