Larmer Tree Festival

Music,  muddy wellies and a marvellous audience of people, the three key elements to a perfect music festival. Being a huge fan of festivals, it is my all time goal to visit as many as possible,
Reading Festival, check, Isle of Wight Festival, check, so next on my list was Larmer Tree. I had heard of Larmer Tree before but it had never crossed my mind to make it my next adventure until this year. Larmer tree is only a short journey from where I live located near Blandford, and although its on a smaller scale compared to the bigger festivals in the UK it was definitely one of my favourites. With the smell of burger vans, booze stenched party goers and a faint waft of herbal remedies, you knew you were in the home of a festival.
As you enter the festival you are greeted with the bohemian stalls upon stalls known as the village selling your typical festival merchandise (sunglasses, headbands, floral crowns etc), followed by face painting and henna stands, and my favourite stalls selling weird and wonderful jewellery, clothing and wacky accessories, where you would only find these wonders at these spirited events. Of course we found a retro camper van upon this, transformed into a photo booth! Perfect to have a laugh with the quirky props and to capture your festival memories of a life time.

And lets not forget the food! Lets just say that Larmer Tree is a great supporter of a vegan diet as there were plenty of vegan opportunities left right and centre. But what festival goes amiss without greasy burgers, pizzas, and wait for it, a mac n cheese booth! You certainly wouldn't go hungry as you are treated to all foods of the world.

But it doesn't stop there, the main factor that made me fall in love with Larmer Tree is the enchanted atmosphere that fulfilled the event. Where the main stage is located is where the magic happen, you step into a bewitching forest, my eyes were filled with bohemian fantasies, you couldn't decide where to begin! On your left was the 'water gardens', a hidden maze with calming streams and waterfalls silently flowing through the greenery. Exiting the water gardens leads you to the admirable 'Lost Woods', that certainly isn't metaphorical! There was a different turning on every pathway, each one guiding you to the next fairy tale, from mystical fairy lights glittering

in a hidden archway. Or having a well deserved sit down on quite literally garden furniture, with ancient sofas and tables comforted by flowers and plants growing all over, underneath dimmed lanterns, a quaint place to have a pit stop. Following this is the precious 'exhibition of treasures' a small
area in the depth of the woods where people can come and share their treasures in life and hang
them proudly in the trees. It was comforting to see the variety of treasures in the world and what aspects are important to people in life, it was dignifying.

At the end of the labyrinth was the 'secret garden', an absolute must visit for any orthodox festival, a place where you can get away from the craze to destress and detoxify. From hand massages, foot massages and full body massages, any strains from dancing the night away is eased away from the body ready for the following night. What caught my eye was the live yoga lessons in an open field for anyone to join, I certainly would of taken this opportunity to de-stress a little myself if I wasn't so eager to continue my exploring! Acupuncture and palm readings were also on the cards (pun intended), you were spoilt for choice for what festival remedy to take on.

Now, the main event, the one person you have all been waiting for, Tom Odell. As the main stage began to fill with excited fans, variety of ages, my own excitement grew. As the sun began to draw in, the main event just started to begin. The performance was absolutely magnificent, Odell is a natural
born performer who knows exactly how to get the crowd going, everybody was going wild for him. (especially the older, slightly intoxicated guy behind us who were consistent in chanting "I LOVE YOU TOM" every 5 minutes). The show was mixed with emotions from his flirtatious charisma, to making your heart reach out to his romantic ballads. There was certainly no lack of passion throughout the twilight show as his heart and soul stormed through his songs, a whole lot of intensity and sentiment.You didn't even have to pass a thought to dance along to his first songs 'Another Love', 'Grow Old With Me' and 'I Know', to the new 'Wrong Crowd', 'Concrete' and the mesmerising performance of hit single 'Magnetised'. Hands were automatically waving and clapping the whole night, hips were swaying and feet were leaping from the ground, there wasn't a straight face all night! We can't leave out the super super talented band supporting Tom Odell, the talent was beyond brilliant with the most energetic drum solo from the drummer my ears had ever been introduced to. The night was radiant, as he ended the show with t
he exhilarating 'magnetised', the crowd were left wanting more.

 A performance of a life time, my whole body was buzzing from the vibrance of the day, leaving the festival with pulsing ears from the performance just gone and the lively atmosphere still lingering around us, nostalgia and festival blues immediately hit me like a truck. I was truly gutted to be leaving, but that just means a ticket to Larmer Tree will be in my basket next year!

Until next time x


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