As soon as the offer for skiing in Austria
was given to myself and my boyfriend Harry we jumped at the chance to take it! I've always dreamed of going skiing even if the thought of it made me very anxious, I've never put a pair of skis on in my life! However I pushed the anxious thoughts to the back of my mind and started saving! And soon enough the flights and chalet had been paid for, ski hire was sorted and myself, Harry and his family were all ready to go.

Day One

The first day was an early start to which was obviously expected with a flight at 9:30am! However much to our disappointment our flight was delayed for nearly an hour and a half due to heavy fog, but it just gave me an excuse to mooch around the duty free shops for a little longer;)

After a loooooong wait for the flight to be then followed by a two hour flight and then a further hour and a half taxi journey to the chalet, it was safe to say we were all 100% pooped. However it was straight away apparent that Salzburg in Austria was a breathtaking place. After a power nap and a cup of tea we decided to explore the area of Zell am see where our chalet was situated, it was beautiful to see the mountains and snow! Real life snow!

Day Two & Three

Day two is the day we hit the slopes! Well, the nursery slopes that is for me.... and I was absolutely terrified! The ski boots alone were the most uncomfortable garments my poor feet had ever been introduced to, talk about trying to bend your feet left, right, backwards and forwards! The first day we unfortunately could not fit into ski lessons, so they were booked for the next day, but that did not stop me from learning! Stepping onto the snow for the first time with my skis was an eventful experience, the trick is to stop yourself from sliding backwards!! The first technique I was introduced to was how to walk up the slopes successfully with your skis parallel to the slope, which took a lotttttt of muscle movement from my lower legs (my calves definitely felt the work out the next day!) but I achieved that in no time and soon enough I could snow plough down the small slopes to stop myself. The button lift was my least favourite part of the skiing experience, I got a stiff bum and legs and 99% of the time I fell flat on my face trying to pull away from the lift! That one is definitely a practise makes perfect technique.
Day three was lesson day, and although it was a two hour lesson it zoomed by! Soon enough I was taught the basic stopping and starting skills of skiing and how to make snow ploughs and making small turns, however it turns out I'm not the most confident skier and slow and steady most definitely wins the race. My ski instructor was ever so friendly and patient which makes a massive difference in helping you learn.

Day Three, Four and Five

Day three was a day for exploring up the mountains of Kitzsteinhorn, the place where all the big time skiing goes down. It was the day I got my first experience in cable cars, we were also treated to a blizzard, the most snow I have seen in a long time, it was wonderful! It took us 3 cable cars to get to the very top of the mountain, a whole 3029 ft, the top of Salzburg! Due to the blizzard the sights didn't match up to what they were thought to be, but the area was still a beautiful place. The cable cars and heights were most definitely something to remember even if I did get motion sickness from the back and forth travelling.
The next day was another day for practising my skills, and I will tell you now, skiing is definitely not a walk in the park! It takes many many attempts to make the perfect turns and stopping at the right moment without going too fast and with my anxiety at ski high, falling over with tears in my eyes was a common reoccurrence, but eventually you must get back up, laugh it off, and try again, its a slow job but it will come to you. With myself being quite a nervous person, learning to ski took me a bit longer than others due to being terrified of going too fast down the slopes, some people get an adrenaline rush from it, but me, I cry of terror instead! Damn anxiety! However I was indeed proud of myself as I accomplished the skill of ski ploughing and how to make turns, which in my books is the key to success!;)
The final day of skiing was a return to the mountain for the pros in our group, but for me this was a little out of my comfort zone so I decided to sit this one out, however no loss was found as I decided to go back to the top of the mountain again on this sunnier day, to find that the views exceeded my expectations, it was like looking into a painting, they were phenomenal. I could stare at the views all day, astonishing.

This trip was most definitely a trip I would go on again, the views, the sights, the mountains and the skiing skills I gained were a highlight of the trip. Even though my German was rusty I tried my very best to get involved with the country of Austria, as it is one of the most extraordinary places I have visited. However if i was to go skiing again more lessons is definitely a must! I will become a pro at skiing like Harry and the others! I thoroughly enjoyed the skiing experiences and I have the bruises to prove it!


  1. Looks like you had an awesome trip!

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    1. i did thank you! i have checked outpour blog its so good!x


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