Beautiful sights, beautiful culture and beautiful people, the city of love, one of my top cities to explore and in September my dreams came to a reality. My boyfriend and I had been planning to visit Paris for a while for our one year anniversary (romantic indeed!) and soon the plans all fell into one place! Hotel and flights had been booked and we were very excited to get going.

The astonishing Paris sights are difficult to put into a description, every monument was breathtaking. Our hotel was placed literally next door to the Paris-Sorbonne University, which made the area full of local cafes, restaurants and shops, which indeed made it very easy to accommodate our visit! Our hotel was only a short walk away from yummy restaurants for us to visit every night, however we played it safe and stayed from the snails!;)

Lucky for us the luxurious Jardin De Luxembourg was a short 10 minute walk, and I have never seen such a beautiful location. On our first sunny day we took a stroll through the gardens, and it was wonderful to see it was full of people sun bathing around the impressive fountains,feet up, sunglasses on, family chatting away or with a book in their hands, the way it should be when the sun is out! The gardens were absolutely huge, any pathway could take you to a different location , you could walk around for hours!

We figured taking the metro would be a much cheaper and easier transportation method during our trip, as like any tourist locations, taxis are mega expensive! However I was slightly nervous taking the metro, with the downside of only speak very very little french and lack of experience of using the tube in London! Luck was on our side though as in every information booth the staff were very helpful, and I would definitely recommend taking the metro!

The Eiffel Tower, was my number one best site to see, it was simply ginormous!! Unfortunately the price was a little out of our range to climb the tower, but it was still as breathtaking from the bottom! Following the Eiffel tower, we strode on to find the Notre Dame, Musee Du Louvre and the Arc De Triomphe, which were both just as impressive in comparison!

On our final day, we wished to discover the shopping life in Paris, and let me tell you, it is manic! We visited the shopping centre Galeries Lafayette, which is filled with every high end brand you can imagine, but of course it was browsing only as we all can't live the high end life;). And what shopping trip wouldn't be complete without a quick visit to Sephora, I say quick, but there was an incredible amount of brands to look at that the two do not go hand in hand!

And so, a trip full of a loooooot of walking for 3 days straight, eating pastries, and visiting the most beautiful attractions, Paris is a city to remember, and I will emphasise on its romantic features, A* for that! I will always place Paris on my list on the top places I have visited, I would not hesitate to go back again.

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