2015 Recap

Hi! So as mentioned in my previous post I have become invisible to the blogger world for the past 2 years and have unfortunately not posted anything! However recapping the last 2 years would definitely take more than on blog post to keep you updated so I'm going to summarise the year of 2015 for you here!

1. I passed my driving test! Okay so it might of taken more than two attempts, but third time lucky is what they say! The best drivers always pass third time ;-). Passing with no minors alongside blood, sweat and tears (nearly quite literally!) my freedom has finally come! Unfortunately I am quite a nervous driver myself and the furthest I have driven to, is Southampton and let's not even mention motorways! But they say it all comes in time and there is nothing greater than having the independence of driving! It certainly makes driving to work much easier

2. I escaped college and passed my A- Levels! The sweet sweet freedom of education came to me in June, as I sat my final exam (2 AND A HALF HOUR EXAM, I might add) and a long lasting weight had been lifted from my shoulders. As I left that exam room I never looked back, my friends and I had never been so happy to leave a building before, its the most sensational feeling! Passing with 3 Bs in my subjects, Psychology, Sociology and English Language, the tears, stress, comfort eating and staying up to revise every single day definitely paid off, and now I have been accepted into Winchester university to study English, Result! Even if I am taking to gap year to have a break from education, I definitely have no regrets in these past two years of college.

3. I went to Paris! The city of romance! Myself and my boyfriend took to Paris to celebrate our one year anniversary in September and it was an experience of a lifetime if I say so myself. I will not ramble too much on here and I will be soon uploading a post on my trip to Paris, alongside with the photography; but I must say it is an astonishing city with beautiful attractions, the Eiffel tower being one of my favourites. An incredible city break.

4. Alongside Paris I was lucky enough to go to Germany once again. As myself being half German from my mum, every year my parents book to go to Germany to see friends and family and of course to see the phenomenal Christmas markets. Again I wont say too much as I would like to make a post dedicated to my trip, but I will say I absolutely love Germany. The culture, the atmosphere, and the FOOD! The people are ever so friendly as well and make you feel welcome. I don't often get to see my family with them being so far away, so it always brings that nostalgic feeling every time I go.

5. I got two tattoos! Of course not at the same time as I would most definitely pass out, as yes, the pain is an utterly unpleasant pain, but the pain is so so worth it. I am already planning my third tattoo, I love them!

6. You're a wizard Harry! That's right, I also had a surprise trip to Harry Potter world for my birthday, and it was UN- real, I was like a child in a playground. I fan girled over every prop and scene and we even got to go on the Hogwarts express and drink butter beer. No one can get any cooler than that ;-)

2015 was a year of achievements and adventures, but of course not everything is perfect and I did have a lot of down sides to last year, but there are moments of 2015 that I am proud of and regret nothing, I am honestly looking forward to seeing what 2016 will bring. I have entered this year with the right people by my side, and I hope the adventure will continue!


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