Hello! So as you can tell, my new year resolution of 2013 failed ultimately *sad face*. However I am sugar coating this failure due to the circumstances of finishing secondary school (with a success I might just add), then continuing to college which has come to another end, and time has flown by and all inspirational ideas have flown out the window! But, fear no longer as college has come to an end, and passing my 3 subjects with 3 Bs, I have decided to take a break from classrooms, exams, stress and tears and joined the adventure of taking a gap year. Don't jump too quickly to assume I am some kind of adrenaline junkie and travel the world on an independent high, oh no, I have taken the route of working full time at my beloved Waitrose, to earn some extra pocket money to keep me a tiny tiny bit more stable as a university student. However! I am not too much of a boring sod and in my time off I have been on a few adventures, Paris being my most favourite getaway. So as a catch up of these last few years and in my time off, I hope to post as many life events as I can, in order to keep up with my beloved desire for writing.
Speak to you all very very soon! X


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