Ah yes, it is the inevitable 'I have once again neglected my once loved blog, and I have returned to update you on my life from 2017'. However, this statement will not live up to it's expectations completely, as I will ramble on about how 2017 went for myself, but I will also tell all about why I have returned to my blog.

So, as promised, 2017 was *cliche saying alert* a pretty blooming good one. I was lucky enough to travel around to the wonders of Amsterdam, Salcombe, the not so far Dorset, and go to my very first FULL WEEKEND FESTIVAL. And I'm going to be very generic when saying that 2017 has honestly been one of the best years of my life. After a hard goi
ng 2016 by finishing my gap year, to starting university, it was a relief to know that 2017 had welcomed me with open arms. Starting uni was an eye opener, by realising just how bloody difficult doing a degree actually is. I battled my first semester with confidence-knocking grades and plenty of tears from the never ending deadline that had swallowed me into a deep dark void. No one ever really prepares you for the GIANT step from A levels to being a university student, but in all honestly, its what you need. It's okay to cry about your essays and it's okay to get grades that make you want to pull your fucking hair out, it's life and it gets better.

So yes, i entered 2017 on the verge of questioning "is the degree really worth it?", nevertheless, I battled on through, and I'm glad I did, because like I said, it does ge
t better, and the harder you work, the more it really does pay off (I'm making myself sick in my mouth with these lame phrases). Semester 2 of my first year really beat the shit out of semester 1, and despite still crying on the daily with the never ending deadlines, I still knuckled down and in the end, my grades picked up, finishing first year with a 2:1. I had finally crawled out of the trench that is first year and saw the summer holidays light at the end of the tunnel, which made the hard work worth it. Brushing all the grime of deadlines, tears, and Harvard referencing off myself, I quite literally leaped into the freedom of completing first year. It only gets better from here.

April was quite a jam packed month, with celebrating finishing semester 2, to a quick but dainty weekend to Brighton where I drank nothing but cosmopolitans and prosecco and ate my body worth in fish and chips. What more could you want when spending the weekend in the livelihood of Brighton? Following this was my Partner's birthday, which we spent in Bath, and once again ate pizza, shopped all day and then ended the day with a Chinese, Bliss. To top this birthday weekend off, we jetted off to only blooming Amsterdam! The city of all things beautiful yet crazy and wonderfully weird at the same time. If I could spend my life surrounded by tulips, pancakes whilst euphorically cycling along the canals, I totally would.

Isle of Wight festival, what an absolute dream. What else could you want more than to wake up with some of your most favourite people in the world and not having to worry about your appearance unless your entire body isn't covered in every possible shade of glitter you could find? Got bags under
your eyes? Glitter. Got hair thats gone slightly if not completely grim? Glitter. You smell bad? Glitter. Though, it wasn't all fun and games, with a 2 hour queue to get into the campsite trying not to murder the next person who thinks they're fucking Liam Gallagher by singing 'Wonderwall' on repeat, to then attempting to pin down our two man tent in the wind and the oh of course torrential rain, the mood
had been dampened ever so slightly. However, this had soon been lifted, as we were greeted with the solemn look of sunshine, the weekend had begun. We spent every day drinking the cheapest yet less likely to taste like wee alcohol from Morrisons, eating surprisingly non-greasy food and singing our hearts out to the likes of The Kooks, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Run DMC, Nothing But Thieves,
the list goes on. And who can forget the legend of Rod Stewart, what better way to end the weekend than 'do ya think I'm sexy'?

July onwards has just been total bliss, despite keeping up the 'hi how can I help' on repeat with my part time job, the rest of the year was more than I could've asked for. I was lucky enough to have a romantic weekend away in Salcombe, (which BY THE WAY when I win the lottery, I am packing up and moving their forever) and Dorset. I completely infatuated with going beautiful coastal resorts,

and Salcombe was honestly astonishing and completely lived up to what the cookies on Facebook suggested, I might just have to write a separate post about it. And so, I spent the rest of my year going out to spoons on a Friday night and having some of the most hilarious and crazy moments with my best friends (crayons up noses and stealing anti-bacterial spray, don't ask), cherishing the time I have with my weird and wonderful family and keeper of a boyfriend, to just being the happiest I've ever been.

And like that, 2017 came and went. I welcomed my 21st birthday with two handfuls of prosecco, had an alcohol and bike riding fuelled weekend with my family to celebrate my Mum's 50th birthday, Halloween (the best time of the god damn year) Christmas and New year said hello and goodbye and soon enough 2018 came in with bang, alongside second year of uni.
Sadly, 2018 did not come with the bang it should of, and within the first month, my life came crashing down. I'm not going to delve in too much to my personal life, but I lost someone who meant a great deal to me, one of my favourite and dearest people in the whole WAY too short, so please just don't take things/people for granted, appreciate everything you have as you never know when it will go.
world was cruelly taken from us. Its still raw and devastating, but it has made me realise that *cliche quote again* life is way too short,

So I guess to summarise this long ass essay,  I'm basically writing this blog again to get back into the thing I love, writing. Life is too short to lose motivation in something you love, and I've worked too hard to lose track of what I want to do. My third year is vastly approaching and I've never been so lost in what I want to do in my life, so I guess getting back into my blog is the small ounce motivation I need to tell myself to keep going, and even if I don't know what I'm doing or where I'm in the future, I have that small ounce to fall back on.

Thank you.