Writers Block

Ah yes, the orthodox writers block, a typical blog post by an aspiring blogger and writer, but unfortunately my time has come and i have hit the wall. My mind is full of tumbleweeds blowing through the empty void (excuse the oxymoron) and crickets are heard in the distance. Strangely enough there are no words flowing through my mind and out my mind, compared to when I'm usually rambling to people and throwing my thoughts into my blog posts, there is nothing, zilch, zero.

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Its frustrating as I have a lot of adventures still to come this year including visiting Rome, Spain and the biggest adventure of all, drum roll please.... University! I may just be exaggerating and my word vomit will come back to me in a space and a week, overnight or maybe a few hours however I am just disappointed as I recently had the most exciting weekend spent at Larmer Tree festival. Despite the fact that my mind was taking in all the madness and wonderful events that occurred and I could talk someones head off about it whoever dares to ask, I just can't find the right words to express my happiness and contentment of it all. But I don't want to spoil the blog post too much as it will come to me, I just find myself staring at the blank page and reminiscing.

So any tips and advice on how to get the writers mojo back would be greatly appreciated, because as lame as it sounds I truly love writing about travel and lifestyle so you can understand how irritating it is not being able to verbalise these exhilarating journeys. However I know it will come, my mind has just been vaguely occupied with summer work and the jittering nerves on uni. Watch this space!

Until next time x


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