A Cornish Getaway

Summer 2016 has finally arrived, and as expected, instead of glorious sunshine, scorching hot temperatures and memorable trips to the beach, we have sadly been greeted by dark and gloomy days with a whole lot of treacherous rain, but what else can you expect from inevitable England? However, being sick of the miserable days, an idea took upon me to get away from the summer wishful thinking blues, and go on a detox weekend away to Cornwall.

Cornwall is known for its admirable, secluded beaches, filled with the composed scene of couples taking romantic strolls along the coves or families sitting at the local cafe filling their stomachs with award winning cornish ice cream. What could be better than taking a break for the norm of work and having a few days to wind down and take in the calming atmosphere.

We stayed in a cosy B&B in an enchanting village called Tintagel, which was a filled with dainty souvenir shops followed by cafes commonly serving the famous cornish pasty! Tintagel castle is also located in the village, a tourist attraction which I did not question its popularity as the scenes were breathtaking. Our first day involved visiting Tintagel Castle, which was evidently the longest hike I've set upon! (exaggeration intended) You begin at the footpath on top of Tintagel and it winds alllllll the way down to the bottom of Tintagel, where the castle awaits you. I can't complain too much though as the journey was surrounded by impressive panoramic views, looking onto majestic hills guarded by the streams that flowed all the way until they formed a waterfall towards the
Tintagel Castle Cove
cove. At the end of the outstretched hike is where the beauty hits you, you greet clifftops that look out onto the remote Tintagel cove. Climbing down to the small beach, you are taken aback on how peaceful it is, with the ocean surrounded by caves, you just chose the perfect spot, sit back, relax and soak in the sun.

We were very lucky with the choice of our B&B as the owners were incredibly warming and welcomed us to our room on our entrance, we were also lucky with our bedroom as it was luxuriously big and and had a wonderful view of Tintagel. The owners treated us to a full english breakfast every morning, fuelling us for the day and always engaging in a conversation. they were so courteous and always asked if we needed help with directions around the area. I highly recommend the Trenowan B&B as I would not hesitate to stay there again.

The evenings were just as perfect as the daytime, as after an evening meal we would
Trebwarth Strand
go for a stroll to the next village we could find. Night one was the small village of Trebwarth Strand, a tiny location where popular pubs were set for an evening meal that looked out onto the cliffside where you could watch the moonlight waves chop and crash until they were ready for rest.

Day two arrived and we decided to adventure around Cornwall, the first stop being the fishing port town of Padstow. I love towns like this as they are your classic seaside town, with cobble lanes filled with your typical nautical, independent shops, perfect for nostalgic gifts. My favourite part of Padstow was the fishing port  that was surrounded by fish and chip shops left right and centre, so we took the traditional approach on our visit, bought some chips, walked down to the beach beyond the port and watched the waves as we enjoyed our seaside feast.
Port Isaac 
Alongside our visit to Padstow we ventured on to Port Issac, a picturesque fishing village where British TV show 'Doc Martin' is filmed. Port Isaac is a petite and pretty village, most commonly populated of fisherman and tourists admiring the quaint views and touring the filming set of Doc Martin.

Bossiney Cove
Our final evening was an amorous evening to complete our content getaway, I had heard that the next village along from Tintagel named Bossiney had another secluded cove, so we strolled down the footpath (a very rocky and narrow footpath I should add!!) to watch the final sunset of the trip. The views from the cove were beautiful, with not a single person in sight, all you had was the gentle crashing of the waves brushing up against the cove around us. Astonishing. As the sun began to fall, we decided to climb the highest cliff among us, and with what felt like a million steps later, we finally saw the sunset we wanted. I put the fear of how high up we had climbed to the back of my mind, (definitely wasn't pooing myself every time I looked down!) and stood back to admire the glowing beauty among us, I was in my complete element.
Bossiney Cove

A detox weekend to get away from work, early starts and miserable weather filled with miserable people was definitely needed, a clear mind is now set, but of course not for long if you work in retail... ;), but negativity aside, a stress free weekend is always a weekend to remember.

Until next time!x


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