Half way through 2016

It seems like it was only a few months ago we were saying goodbye to 2015 and welcoming the new year, but 6 months down the line June has appeared and summer is creeping closer and closer! I don't know why I am so shocked as this happens every year, new year arrives, you blink and and all of a sudden you are prepping for the snow and picking out your christmas playlist again! Just when you get into sync with one season, the next one appears without even getting a chance to welcome it properly.

I can't complain too much though as these past 6 months have been rammed with exciting trips, including our visit to London to experience the terrifying show of 'The Woman in Black', which to say the least put me on edge the whole night and was I was close to a change of underwear!! (joking of course), however its definitely high on my recommendation list, as although its a small screening with two actors, it intensifies the experience to a greater level between the show and the audience.

And lets not forget the city trips to Bath, Bristol and Winchester, as previously mentioned in one of my blog posts, its a goal of mine to visit as many cities in the UK which are slowly getting ticked off the list. But the greatest adventure so far was our skiing trip in  Austria, one of the most beautiful countries I've had the pleasure of visiting, you can see more on my blog post of the trip. I am definitely in the touristy mode this year!

2016 so far has also been full of Birthdays and Christenings, which were full of meeting new people and spending wonderful moments with family and friends that will be cherished. We've celebrated Harry's birthday, eating in lavish restaurants for breakfast and lunch, lounging around and stuffing our faces with cupcakes. It was a chilled day, the most perfect way to celebrate a 19th birthday. Next was little Alexander's Christening,  a special day spent being introduced to lovely new people and seeing Alexander have exciting moments with his family. It was a wonderful day.

Half a year has gone and we still have half a year to go, with still lots of endearing things to come! Larmer tree festival has been booked, Formula one is just around the corner, a trip to the magnificent city of Rome is in order, alongside a romantic trip to Isle of Wight. I'm hoping to visit one of my favourite places that is Brighton, and I also have my 2 year anniversary with Harry to look forward, so as you can tell this year is looking like a good year from the start, all the way to the end.

Until next time!


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