Bank Holiday Adventures

Bank holidays never seemed to phase or excite me that much since leaving school/college as due to working in retail, a day off doesn't always necessarily come into the equation. The only thing that would excite me is the pleasure of time and a half! However this bank holiday weekend I decided to take it upon myself to make sure I have the weekend free and to finally have a 3 day weekend and explore!
Being a future student this upcoming September its not always easy to go for a spontaneous weekend away to cities abroad or go on an adventurous day out to pricey events. Its not all doom and gloom though as one of my goals for this year is to explore more of the UK as it is quite shocking to realise how many towns and cities I have not visited (or remembering visiting that is, as I'm pretty sure my former child self did not appreciate the beauty of the cities around me!).

So, my Saturday was unfortunately spent working my long, torturous hours, but as soon at the hand hit 3 o'clock, I shot out there like a bolt ready for my weekend ahead. Sunday was a day filled with shopping in Southampton, which isn't a new surrounding to me due to it being one of the closest shopping towns for myself. Although that didn't stop myself from emptying my bank account a little more with a small splurge in Lush, Paperchase and John Lewis...

However, guilt pushed aside, Sunday had arrived and we decided to venture to the city of Bath. Bath is most commonly known for it's famous Roman built baths due to Bath being founded upon hot springs which were then thought to be a gift from the Gods.... Oh how much has changed.
We took it upon ourselves to see as much beauty as we could, starting with the Pulteney bridge towering over an astonishing waterfall, where even kayakers took the plunge to challenge (or you could go for the safe option and travel around the river in a canal boat.)
Following this was the Royal Victoria Park, which despite paying a small fee to enter, had an enchanting perspective, perfect for a picnic and a snooze in the sun!

I was mostly amused by how many shops there were in Bath, much to my excitement;) but I held myself together and stayed away from my purse or my bank balance would definitely produce real life tears... however it didn't stop us from window shopping!
We took some time to have a final drive around Bath and browsed through The Royal Crescent, which is definitely an estate on the pricier side!
Royal Crescent treasures

Bank Holidays are now beyond any doubt, one to keep clear from work as the thought of a three day weekend is absolutely more appealing then being stuck with customers at work! So thats one city checked off the list and I'm excited to see what will follow, until next time.


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