Lush Reviews 2016

Lush bath bombs have always been a great love of mine ever since i was a young girl, receiving bath bombs in my stocking for christmas or opening one for my birthday with a huge grin my face, that feeling never goes away. There is nothing more exciting than dropping an extravagant ball of colour into your bath and watching the shapes swirl around you like your own galaxy. With a calming playlist (a usual preferred choice of Jack Johnson), a face mask and 20-40 minutes to spare .... ta-daaa, a perfect relaxation zone.

 The following bath bombs are just a few that I have been enjoying this year so far.

Dragons Egg



Lords of Misrule

 Yes I admit that I still had a few Christmas bath bombs lurking in my basket, I was too stubborn to let them go! They all smell and look incredible and the bath water does not do them justice. Experimenter was a favourite as the rainbow colours spurred out and left my bath looking like a Catherine Wheel. Dragons Egg was a wonderful bath bomb as the scent of oranges and citrus fruits bursted through, it was heavenly, even though the bath bomb did make it look like I had a little wee in the bath...

Shoot for the Stars


Which Came First?

 Intergalactic and Shoot For The Stars were a personal favourite of mine, due to as soon as you drop them in your bath water, a personal galaxy appears, an intergalactic experience. Your water turns into a deep blue with stars and shimmers floating about, amazing.

Which came first? Is the most recent bath bomb I used and not one that I have used before. It comes from the Easter range and is a large egg that you can either smash or drop into your bath water has a whole and watch the colours go from pink to orange, and then out pops a small yellow chick!

A definite must for my future house is a baskets and baskets full of Lush cosmetics and bath bombs, as there are too many to count that I have yet to try. I still haven't tried any Lush shower gels or face masks and I am clearly missing out!!
You can never go wrong with a bath bomb to help you relax.... zzzz

Until next time! x


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